And We're Off!

Kirk and I are off to Maryland today to attend a Wilberforce Weekend honoring the life of William Wilberforce, the parliamentarian who was responsible for eradicating the slave trade in Great Britain in 1807 -- after a 20-year battle with Parliament to get it approved.

The movie Amazing Grace, releasing February 23 on the exact 200-year anniversary of the abolishment of the slave trade, tells the story of his life. It is a truly great film on multiple levels, and I'll share more about that soon. For now, you can check out more information and even watch the trailer by clicking here.

Wilberforce has been a longtime spiritual hero for Kirk, so part of this weekend is a birthday gift to him. (His birthday is today; mine was yesterday.) The other part is that it's going to teach us a lot about the issue of modern-day slavery, which is more prevalent now than it was in the days of the "old slavery."

When we get back, I'll share some highlights with all of you. Until then, we will be at this beautiful place at Osprey Point in Maryland. Ta-ta.