Sparkly Lip Gloss Sure Helps

I found two lip gloss sticks in an old purse I haven't used for a while. Both of them are sparkly and shiny, and one of them even has a yummy smell and faint yummy taste! The other one has a thicker consistency and is great for dressing up the oh-so-serious lipstick . . . perfect for making you feel like a doll even when you're all grown up. What's even better is that I think I scored one of these lip glosses in an Estee Lauder free gift package and the other one for a buck at Target. I think I'll be trolling soon for more $1 lip glosses at Target.

The other thing that helps bring on the girl these days are cozy red sweaters. It's been cool like fall here finally, so out came my thick, knitted red cardigan from the Loft that I haven't worn since last winter. With the bulky red cardigan paired with my tan khakis and some sparkly gloss, today I feel wrapped in cozy, girlie love.