Gleanings from Amazing Grace

This is probably obvious from the trailer, but with all the talk about modern-day slavery we've been having and the connection this film has to the Amazing Change campaign, I thought I should at least clarify something: this film is not about the modern movement. It is, in the purest sense, a historical bio-pic.

That said, here are some of the manifold encouragements you will receive when watching the film this weekend:

  1. You will see that faith does not require a retreat from the world to be effective and substantive.
  2. You will see that a person can have influence in the exact sphere in which he or she has been gifted. (What sphere has He given you?)
  3. You will see the strength that's gained from community when a group, however small, unswervingly commits to something bigger than itself.
  4. You will see that unity in one point is sometimes more important than unity in every point, as demonstrated by Wilberforce and his band of co-belligerents.

And finally, you will see humor. You will see friendship. You will see fervency and passion and love and pain and heartbreak and victory. When you get back from the theatre, stop by and share your thoughts!