Our God Is So Ingenius

As many of you know, when I first moved to Winter Park I was going to write full-time instead of working a regular job. After a couple months, I discovered that was a plunge I was not ready to take. So, I started hunting for work. Where did I direct most of my hopes? Relevant Media Group.

As many of you also know, Kirk has been working on a degree in Entertainment Business over the course of this past year. (And he just completed his last class on Saturday. Bravo for him!) Along about three-quarters of his way through the program, he started thinking about life after Full Sail. Where would God have him go? One night over sushi, he shared that if he ever worked for someone else again, he would want it to be Walden Media.

And you know what? God gave both of us those dreams but in unexpected channels. Instead of working for Relevant, I got to write for them. Instead of working for Walden, Kirk got to independently contract his services to them as the marketing coordinator for Amazing Grace here in the Orlando area. And what's more, both these gigs were centered on Wilberforce's story -- something we've both cared about for longer than this film's been around or even in the works. Pretty cool, huh?

When Kirk pointed this out to me tonight, we got dazzled by God's genius. After that, we scratched our heads. What on earth is God up to with us, anyway? He sure takes us along the most inventive of roads on this journey of life we are sharing together. I, for one, am glad to be upon it.