Movie Highlight: The Holiday

When Kirk took me to see The Holiday in theatres last December, I fell in love from moment one. Kate Winslet opens the movie with a voice-over about the different forms of love, landing firmly and finally on the woes of unrequited love in an exposition so authentically and painfully told that you can't help trusting her completely with the next two hours of your life. And she doesn't disappoint.

I loved this film so much that I traipsed happily back to the theatres one week later, having to see it again, and then snatched it up at Borders a few weeks ago once it came on sale.

Here's the great premise: Two women unlucky in love and having never met decide on a home exchange for the Christmas holiday. One woman (Kate Winslet) lives in England and makes a modest living writing for the London Telegraph. She owns an adorable book-lined and snow-steeped cottage in Surrey. (Besides falling in love with this movie and Kate's great character, I fell in love also with this little cottage.)

The other woman (Cameron Diaz) produces movie trailers for a living and owns a luxurious bungalow in the hills of L.A. She has probably never heard the phrase "modest living" in her whole life.

Of course, the inevitable outcome is that their lives change completely for the better from this experience. It's a perfectly made chick flick with excellent dialogue and comic timing that I highly recommend. Here are a few of my favorites from this film.

Favorite Kate Winslet moment: The five-minute montage of her excitable glee as she discovers perk after perk in her new temporary home, complete with jumps, squeals, yips, and a final face-down flop on the king-sized bed.

Favorite Cameron Diaz moment: The three times she closes her eyes only to hear the movie-trailer-voice-over-man giving a play-by-play of her life inside her head.

Favorite Jack Black movie: His meandering walk through the video store as he gives a vocal exposition on brilliant scores of brilliant films.

Favorite Jude Law moment: Mr. Napkinhead.

Favorite unexpected moment: Discovering the real Sophie and Olivia.

Favorite line: "Boob grace," said by Jack Black when he reaches past Kate Winslet at the sushi bar to get the soy sauce and accidentally catches her chest with the side of his hand.

Favorite musical moment: When Ennio Morricone's Cinema Paradiso score is pouring out of Jack Black's convertible and wafting through the air the first time he meets Kate Winslet.