Our New Home Awaits

Welcome to our new home! Kirk and I have been dropping by the house each day, walking around and around its rooms and debating how to "dress it up" once we move in. We've made a few decisions I'm glad to share with you here.

This is the front room. (The front door is around the little corner you see on the left edge of this picture.) Originally, we thought it made sense to bring a sofa and some reading chairs into this room -- you know, make it like a living space, since there's a built-in shelf in the wall for a TV with cable hookups. But the more we thought about this, the less this space felt like a regular living space. We don't even want to buy a TV for this house. So Kirk hit upon the idea of putting a large wooden farm table into this space that seats at least 8 people, making the room an immediate gathering space for good meals and lively, creative conversation. Great idea, huh? My hub is so creative. So, we're now calling this space the Farmroom.

This little space next to the Farmroom was originally going to be the dining room nook. But that's so, well, predictable, and now we've decided the Farmroom is going to be the place for meals. So Kirk (again, the ever-creative one between us) came up with the idea of making this area into a library. We can put a little loveseat under the windows and then add an old square trunk to serve as a coffee table. (The trunk was my idea, but it really originated with him because that's what he used as a coffee table in his old house when I met him. So, again, he takes the creative prize!) Against the left wall (not pictured here), we'll add a small bookcase and a comfy reading chair. And, of course, a great lamp to make it cozy in the evenings.

Welcome to our favorite room in the house -- the one that sold us on it immediately once we looked inside. The owners pegged this as the master bedroom, but after the walk-through we turned to each other and said, "Wouldn't this make a great studio?" This highly charged creative space is dying to be appreciated as an artistic workspace. We're going to put two side-by-side large wood desks under the long line of windows so we can keep the gorgeous outside environs as inspiration as we work. There's also room for a bookcase, a printer desk, and some files, if needed.

And here's our little bedroom at the back of the house. Isn't that stained-glass window beautiful? I love the tiny chair and antique desk, too. What's great about this room is how private it feels. You have to step down into it from the entrances on either side of the room, one of which is a white wood door with a window cut into it, which I love. That door makes it feel like a farmhouse, as does the view from the bed. When you lay on your back and look up, you feel like you're in an old farmroom because of the high ceiling, high crossbeams, and white beadboard lining the walls and ceiling.

Now, isn't this a house you'd want to visit? I know it's one I want to inhabit! I look forward to sharing more pictures as we begin to furnish its rooms.