Making the Day More Sweet

Early this morning (around 4 a.m.?), Kirk and I woke up at the same time and proceeded to stay awake for a slow, meandering conversation in the dark about many things: how to find the deepest meaning out of life, whether dying to self means losing our unique personhood along the way, what we think America most needs right now, and, finally, how to make each day a little sweeter.

Kirk asked me, do you think it's possible to make the day more sweet?

And I said yes. I think it's about being present in the moment. Taking the time to appreciate the beauty of what's right in front of you. Not rushing by in a frenzy to get to the next good place but taking in the goodness and the sweetness of what is right there already.

Today, because Periwinkle honored me with this award yesterday, I turn around and honor those who make each day a little sweeter in my world. The ones whose names I look for first when scanning my Bloglines account through the day. The ones whose blogs I revisit multiple times, just to catch up on the comments. But most of all, the ones whose words betray their own determination to drink in the full sweetness of each day by reflecting, making words out of their hearts, and offering themselves fully to others.

Kirsten and Terri, you two sweeten my every day for being the ultimate embodiment of these truths listed above.

Nathan and Tammy, I've only known you each about a week, but already you are often on my mind, and just the thought of you brings a smile of gratitude to my face.

I carry each of you in my heart each day, which means whether your blogs have new posts or your posts have new comments, you are always with me, bringing secret smiles to my face and blooming wild in my heart for the love of you. Thank you for offering true and safe community to me and to others, and for the companionship of your friendship in my heart.