Our First Christmas Tree

The first year Kirk and I were married, we lived in a studio garage apartment and decided a Christmas wreath was about the best we could do in that small space. Last year we spent close to two weeks in California for the Christmas holiday, so purchasing a tree in our new home did not make much sense.

This year, though . . . we've gone Christmas!

After a pretty hilarious adventure of strapping a 6-7 foot tree on top of a small white Jetta, Kirk and I hauled home our happy find.

Sollie waits for the Christmas tree elf.

Diva tries to decide what the Christmas hoopla is all about.

We make Christmas ornaments.

We break out the Christmas scent.

We make ready the attendant supplies.

Putting on the lights.

Getting ready the shiny ornaments.

Solomon supervises, of course.

Don't forget the family ornaments.

Pretty tree.