best blog of the week

for the past week, thanks to the great recommendation by jennwith2ns, i have found a new favorite way to procrastinate. rather, i have found a new favorite way to ensure that i'll have an opportunity to laugh really, really hard every morning.

put more succinctly, i have found a new favorite blog.

the blog is called stuff christians like. the writer, jon acuff, writes advertising for a living. this explains how he is able to write hilarious, to-the-point riffs on stuff christians like in order to help us laugh at ourselves, learn from ourselves, and take ourselves a little less seriously. i find it has quickly become my essential daily dose of cyber-coffee. it's brilliant and funny and thoughtful and incisive and, yes, even heartfelt and genuine. the guy truly loves jesus, but he also thinks the christian subculture is just a little . . . well, weird. and what can i say? i totally agree with the guy.

as you'll see, jon is chronicling his way through all the stuff christians like. you could entertain yourself for a really long time just by clicking randomly on posts that sound interesting or strike a chord with you. to give you a little jumpstart, here are a few of my favorites:

* #114: not knowing how to act in a counselor's lobby

* #159: the "pray if you feel led" prayer

* #110: donald miller

* #145: weird christian dating sites

* #169: clapping our hands (a step-by-step guide to the death of rhythm)