kirk: 'i'm not gonna have any memory left, because i downloaded a university'

my hub has discovered itunes university. this is a place on itunes where colleges like stanford and yale and duke offer free lectures -- and entire courses -- through downloadable podcasts.

this morning, kirk was up about three hours before me. his first words to me after i woke up were that he'll be getting a free education from RTS seminary while i'm getting my MA in spiritual formation over the next three years. this is because he downloaded 650 podcasts, which is 23 courses in total, from the local seminary into his itunes.

i find this utterly adorable, because that's just who kirk is. he loves to learn, and especially to find new, untraditional ways of doing it.

it was also particularly sweet to watch him discover that the available memory in his macbook pro had shrunk from 65 to 52 gigabytes as a result. he's such a silly boy. and you know what? i love that about him.