a visit to love

christianne & kirsten, january 2008

i love this photo of me and the lovely kirsten-girl. it speaks so much . . . laughter, closeness, friendship, love. there's a easiness between us. can you feel it? you'd never know this shot was taken on the first day we spent together in real life since blogging reconnected us over a year ago. it's pretty amazing what a blog can do.

speaking of what a blog can do, it can communicate the raw truth about a hurting heart. big questions. deafening silence. the pain of bodily confusion. an ecstatic journey turned solemn. lots of wondering. sitting in quiet. looking around. falling down. full, unapologetic tears.

all things my kirsten-girl has been feeling these days in mighty large doses . . . while i look on, helpless but for prayer and conversation offered from a far-felt distance of more than 3000 miles. washington to florida. too far. so hard.

just for now, though, because our God is lavish.

today i had the full joy of calling this dear friend to share the news: i just booked my flight. been checking on flights for days. the ticket price on this particular handful of days is, for some unknown reason, low. it even sunk $30 lower this very morning. kirk agrees this one's a no-brainer. here i come, friend. we'll be together soon.

and so, in a period of approximately two and a half months, i'll be seeing this beautiful girl once more. it's a visit to love . . . for a friend who needs all the love our God and her friends have to offer these days. love you, girl. love you so much.