Um, This Is My Pastor

Several months ago, my pastor returned from Washington, DC, to say he'd just had a meeting with Howard Dean. Kirk and I turned to each other and raised our eyebrows. Although Dr. Hunter has been interviewed on CNN, MSNBC, and Nightline, been invited to world forums on climate change, got invited to pose a question to Hillary Clinton during a compassion forum for the Democratic candidates earlier this year, and participates regularly in interfaith dialogues around the world, sitting on the couch with Howard Dean was a new one. I mean, what pastor does that? Apparently, ours does.

He didn't say much about what the meeting entailed at the time, but Kirk and I think we have figured it out. Look at what we found on the docket for this evening's big event at the Democratic National Convention . . .

I'll say for the record that our pastor does not endorse Barack Obama and even told the New Yorker magazine that he hasn't yet decided who he'll vote for in the general election. But he is part of the growing movement of evangelicals who are extending the conversation about politics into new territories. You can read his reasons for agreeing to give the benediction at tonight's major event here.

I personally think it's pretty darn cool that he's stepping onto the podium after Barack formally accepts the nomination tonight. But then, you guys already knew I'd feel that way, right?

PS: One of my classmates shared a video of Donald Miller being interviewed before he gave the closing prayer at the DNC several nights ago. I found his perspective and winsomeness thoroughly encouraging. Take a look.