Photo Plunge

Hi, friends. We've been busy over here in Florida-land, wading through massive rainstorms and enjoying breezes with the windows down, taking naps after the Winter Park boat tour lulled us into a drowsy doze, and catching movies and playing cards. Oh, yes -- and Disney.

At the Magic Kingdom, we traversed every land, hopped on all the major rides, watched the night parade and fireworks show, and met one massive challenge: to eat at least one item in every land in the park. At final count, we ate Pineapple Dole Whip, churros, hot dogs, fish and chips, popcorn, funnel cake, chicken strips, grapes, swirl soft-serve, french fries, chili, corn dog nuggets, and ice cream bars. (Yeah, don't say it. It's making us ill, too, just thinking about it. But please note: these items were mostly shared, not individually consumed -- and note the inclusion of grapes! At least one of us -- ahem, Ana -- was healthy to some degree that day.)

This week, the lovely McCabe from Dancing Mermaid has issued a 7-day photo challenge that I've decided to try. I'll be documenting my days with photos for 7 days straight, starting tomorrow. But to get us started, here are a few photos from this past week with Bobby and Ana. (Sorry for the absence of Kirkum -- he had several commitments, including a jaunt up to Atlanta for a social justice & film conference, that pulled him away for some of the week.) Enjoy!

Bobby is definitely too cool for school.

The sweet and happy couple getting married next September!

Mmmm . . . afternoon naps are the best!

Bobby was addicted to his spy thriller novel in the quiet hours.

Hmmm . . . where do we want to go first?

Loving my bro-ham.