Favorite Blogs I Discovered in 2011

He's coming for you. (But right now he's in the process of demolishing this box.)

This is one of my favorite pictures of Solomon.

It was taken right before he pretty much demolished that box. 

Hello there!

I've been a busy little bee these days, and I must say that the activity (mostly) agrees with me. A lot of the activity resembles nesting: cooking, baking, decorating, organizing, and doing my usual work from home.

Also, in the midst of this ongoing activity, I had the chance to throw a lovely shower for Kirsten (this was also my very first baby shower, ever!), and now I'm diligently getting ready for our upcoming holiday trip to California. This means, for instance, that I spent a couple hours this evening generating quite a few lists along the lines of which gifts to purchase for who from where and which gifts I'm going to try my hand at hand-making this year. 

I've got a number of thoughts to share on this nesting, homemaking, crafting sort of life I seem to lead more and more these days, which I plan to share with you soon. 

But for now, I thought it would be fun to share some of the wonderful blogs I discovered and fell in love with this year, since I noticed quite a few new ones are among my current favorites.

Are you looking for some new blog inspiration? I heartily recommend these lovelies!

Would love to hear who makes your list of newly discovered + favorite blogs this year!