Hard Labor for an iPhone Valentine

Do you remember when I made a video that introduced you to Bloggie, the newest member of our household, at Christmas? Bloggie replaced the iPhone gift Kirk had originally planned to give me at Christmas, since neither of us could stomach what it would actually cost to switch our service to AT&T back then, plus the additional hardware costs.

Well, when Verizon (our wireless carrier) announced its partnership with Apple last month, we decided it was finally time.

So now I've got someone new for you to meet.

Readers, meet Mr. Phone . . . Mr. iPhone, that is.

Isn't he handsome? Very dapper, I must say. Quite chic. Here, here! He's sure to be a man about town, I'd say. :-)

But as exciting as Mr. Phone's arrival on our doorstep was late yesterday afternoon, we had quite the taxing experience actually bringing him to life. The labor process included nothing short of seven different software installations, four separate reboots of my ailing MacBookPro, and a total of six hours spent downloading, updating, waiting, and more waiting, before Mr. Phone finally synced and came to life.

And yet, I must say . . .

Mr. Phone, welcome to the family. You were certainly worth the wait.