Things We Learned on This Trip

The cottage where we stayed for several days on Captiva Island

(Isn't it adorable?!)

We're back from our time at the beach with Kirsten and James, and what a beautiful time it was. As we drove away from the house on our last day, Kirsten affectionately said to the house, "Goodbye, house. You were magical." 

I think that about sums it up.

This was the first time the four of us had spent any extended time together, and we has so much fun. We also learned a lot along the way. Here's an abbreviated list for your enjoyment. :-)

1. Kirk and James must have been separated at birth. You would not believe how long these two can sustain continuous conversation about various forms of wildlife, including all the varied species of snakes and sharks, not to mention moles, shrews, bobcats, panthers, alligators, caimans, wild boars, foxes, and flying squirrels . . . just to name a few.

2. A restaurant called the Bubble Room serves simply divine desserts . . . most particularly, a dessert called the Orange Crunch Cake. Serious yum.

3. The beach on Captiva Island is filled with thousands and thousands of seashells, and people visit the beach with the sole intent to mine for unique shells to take home.

4. Baby sandpipers gather in large groups to hunt and peck for food inside the sand. (See short video below.)

5. Grocery shopping on the island can get quite pricey.

6. A GPS system can be incredibly handy . . . but can also take you on a wild-goose chase.

7. The stars in the sky always shine brighter when viewed from the vantage point of a remote island.

8. It's fun to take walks in the dead of night.

9. Beauty heals.

10. Quiet spaces heal.

11. Friendship heals. 

12. Two couples can inhabit one home peacefully and with an incredible amount of mutual enjoyment and respect for each other's space.