A Time to Celebrate

Hello, friends.

I have been looking forward to sharing with you about my 5-day silent retreat, and there is quite a story to share with you about that. But for now, this is a weekend of celebration for me . . . I'm graduating from my graduate program this weekend!

It seems impossible that three years have passed since Kirk and I considered moving to Southern California and chose instead to stay in Florida. As a result of that decision, I enrolled concurrently in a graduate program in spiritual formation and a certificate training program in spiritual direction. I'm graduating from both programs in the span of just a few short weeks, and this weekend is the first of those graduation ceremonies.

Kirk and I are on a layover right now, en route to spend the weekend in Michigan with my cohort group for a special ceremony with our department and a few days of which I am sure will include lots of stories, tears, and a whole lot of laughter. Can't wait! I'm especially excited to have Kirk present with me for this special occasion.

I'll write more when we return. Until then, be well.


PS: I was going to post a photo of Solomon and Diva here to offer you a warm hello from all of us, but my iPhone browser isn't letting me post photos for some reason. Just imagine a big black cat totally chilling out on his favorite recliner chair and a petite little calico with beautiful blue eyes perched next to him, both of them holding down the fort and wishing you well from all of us in the Squires household. xoxo