My Daily Bread

Organic in burlap.

Today I'm being reminded that Jesus is my daily bread. He gives me the food of himself, and that is what I give to others. 

I'm so aware of the difference between subsisting on him and subsisting on myself or even the "leftovers" from yesterday or the day before or last week. The difference is subtle, in the way it creeps in. But I've come to notice the difference. 

This is a morning of starting again. Of asking for his grace to cover my errors from yesterday. Of asking his grace to give others what they really need instead of what I sought to give them from myself or even the stale leftovers from another day.

It is a day of receiving his body and blood and taking it into myself, of chewing on it, savoring it, swallowing it, and letting it strengthen, fill up, and nourish me. 

Today is a new day. Today he is, again, my daily bread.