So, This Happened Today . . .

Sometimes she stares at nothing.

A little Diva cuteness for you. 

Because sometimes she just likes to stare at nothing.

I'm pretty over the moon about something right now!

Something a group of friends and I have been dreaming about for who-knows-how-long just got pushed into yes-this-is-really-happening reality today. 

Terri, Sarah, and Lisa are coming to Florida this August to spend a too-amazing-to-hardly-believe-it week with me and Kirsten. And Kirsten's little girl, Austen. And Sarah's bringing her little boy, Simon. 

Kirsten, Sarah, and I (and another good friend of ours, Christin) shared a similar visit in 2008, but Terri was unable to join us that time around. And since then, we've all gotten to know Lisa.

Not being one to simply dream out loud about something when it can really happen in real life, Terri decided to pull us together in an e-mail convo earlier this week and then jumped on some too-cheap-to-pass-up plane tickets today once it was clear we were all wanting to do this and all had time available in August.

So, it's really happening!

This is going to be incredible. Seven full days with four beautiful soul friends, two happy little ones, and oodles and oodles of hugs, laughter, and what I'm sure will be soulful (not to mention sometimes silly) conversation. 

Is it August yet??!