Decisions, Decisions

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Have I shared with you before how much I love discernment? I absolutely love it.

To me, discernment is amazing because it is so personal. It’s about getting in touch with God’s unique path for us. It’s about exploring what we know to be true about ourselves. It’s about noticing the way God consistently speaks to us and how that voice is speaking now.

And it never ends. We’re continually discerning. Once we determine a particular step forward to take — and then we take it — then there’s the question of what faces us in that new place and how it will eventually invite us to take yet one more step forward.

Life is a continual unfolding. It’s gorgeous. I love that we continue to grow.

But in reality, discernment is hard. It can be so confusing, can’t it? What is God trying to say? Are we hearing God or just ourselves — or even some other force at work inside us or against us?

Over the years, I have loved the opportunities that have cropped up for me to help someone in my life see their way forward — those times when they call me up and say, “Can you help me process something?”

I have loved the chance to “sit on the floor” with them, so to speak, and lay out all the factors in front of us, looking at them together. I have loved noticing with them what their current path of growth might be, and how that speaks to the decision before them. I have loved learning about God’s previous and current movements in their life and how that, too, speaks to their point of decision.

Discernment is just amazing and fun, at least in my experience.

And so I’m exploring the possibility of offering what I call “discernment sessions” — dedicated space for people at a crossroads in their lives or a point of decision to work through some questions and see what we might see together. What could that look like? How might it work? That’s what I’m determining right now.

So I’m offering beta sessions as I develop a real offering for this.

Would you be interested in trying it? 

Right now, I have room for a few more sessions in this beta-testing place and would love to offer you a chance to participate. This will include answering a few preliminary questions about your situation by email, then scheduling time to connect by Skype or phone for the actual discernment session, then doing some post-session reflection to process what you’ve learned from the experience.

If you’re at a life crossroads or point of decision and would appreciate some gentle structure and helpful companionship in discerning the best way forward, perhaps this would be a good option for you. There is no financial charge for the beta sessions I’m offering right now, but I do request your willingness to share feedback on a few key components of the experience at the end.

If this interests you, would you let me know? Just reply to this email, sharing a little bit about your situation, and we can go from there.

And even if you’re not in need of a session like this right now, I’d still love to hear your thoughts on the following:

What has decision-making been like for you in the past? Are you in the process of making any decisions right now? 

Much love,