Oh, How the Truth Brings Freedom

Sunday Quiet Badge.jpg

So, perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised by this, but I was. After sending you last week’s letter, I experienced such a release and return to what felt like my normal self, and it has carried with me all week.

I’m so incredibly thankful. 

I say that I shouldn’t be surprised because I keep re-learning that the truth sets us free. It clears the blockage that comes from warring against ourselves, trying to force the truth away and make it not be true.

That just doesn’t work. Our hearts know the truth. 

I remember when I first began my journey into the way of the heart, how new it was for me to discover the truths that were living inside there. And then, beyond the discovery of those truths came the process of learning to acknowledge and welcome and live inside of them. 

It was like discovering a whole new land — and it was. 

A scary land, yes. But also a freeing and hopeful land. 

It was also such a dignifying experience. Here, my experiences and truth mattered. Here, my thoughts and feelings were welcome. Here, I was loved in the fullness of it all. 

What an amazing discovery. Discoveries all around!

So, the way of the heart begins with the truth — and then we find the truth brings freedom. 

What truth do you need to acknowledge right now? Might you let yourself discover the freedom that comes from letting it be true? 

Much love,