A Peasant Girl, a Broom, and a Temple

I hope this letter finds you well this week. How was your week? 

On my end, I can tell you that things are really beginning to move along on the Land of Welcome project! (If you're new here, this is an ebook I've been creating for this community around the values we espouse, which are expressed here.)

This past week I started work in earnest on this project, as the coursework began for the Conscious Booksmith class I'm taking with Christine Mason Miller that is going to help me write the book. I've been working on mind maps and vision boards and worksheets that help me clarify the intended purpose of the project.

One of the surprising things that popped up — even before the coursework began — was the realization that there's going to be a companion course to go along with the book when it's released. I'm not sure why that idea didn't occur to me sooner, but now that it's found me, it makes perfect sense. If we're going to inhabit a land together, don't we need a place to gather and connect? So that part of the Land of Welcome project is now in process too.

You could say I have been busy! And it's been so much fun. 

To top it off, the image of our Still Forming land grew a bit this past week, as did my understanding of the Land of Welcome project, and I want to tell you what happened. I created an audio clip for you that tells the story. (Aren't these audio clips fun? I love the feeling it gives me of talking directly to you.) 

Listen to it here:


        A Peasant Girl, a Broom, and a Temple (17:10 minutes)


Do you feel a gathering sense of energy and excitement about our Still Forming land? I know I do. 

Thanks for being here. If you'd like to share a bit of your own life experience at the moment, I'd love to hear what's going on for you — just hit reply.


Much love,