On Croaking Frogs, Shame, and Plexiglass Boxes

I've just returned from a long weekend in Southern California, where I was trained with a truly beautiful group of 15 other pilgrims on two models of group spiritual direction, and I want to share two thoughts with you before offering you a special treat this week. 

First, I want to thank you for being patient with me. Over this last month, I've been exploring and shuffling my way toward a new way of life and work. The month has included two long-distance trips, some hard news, some fearful wondering, and some unexpected right turns. 

Thank you for being patient as I have walked through this last month, which included some late-in-coming Sunday Quiet (and sometimes Monday Quiet — like today!) letters from me in the midst of it. It is my heart toward you to have these letters written and waiting for you in your inbox early each Sunday morning so that those of you who have come to expect a certain ritual in your Sunday morning routine around receiving these letters each week will not have that ritual disrupted. 

Which leads me to the second piece I want to share with you. 

Today marks the threshold over which I have crossed into a dedicated full-time focus on Still Forming. The professional path of my 15-years-long editorial career came to an end last week. And so today, on my first day back home, I'm turning my attention to you and this Still Forming land we are exploring and creating together. 

You have become my priority. I couldn't be more pleased!

Which means that going forward, it is my heart to return to the consistency you're used to experiencing with these weekly letters and check-ins we share. Thank you again for your patience with me through this transition time.    

And now for a fun tweak on this week's letter to you. 

Instead of writing it, I'm speaking it aloud! 

The audio link below includes a few stories from the long weekend retreat I just completed that, to me, demonstrate the power of grace and truth-telling and the indispensable gift of having kind, attentive, welcoming mirrors in our lives. 



Do the stories shared here meet you in some way in your own story? Feel free to hit reply and share your thoughts. 


Much love,