one-third complete

if you can believe it, i just got back from dropping off two bound copies of my business plan at school . . . two days early! i feel like i've just given birth, as i have a somewhat numb euphoria swirling through my body and my brain that is making all the labor of the past two months fade into a fuzzy memory.

i'm going to celebrate with a blended coffee drink at a local coffee shop while giving myself the freedom of a creative afternoon to plan my mini-book. i'll leave the presentation planning for a different day . . . today is about letting my mind wander, free-associate, and create something new.

update: okay, so the afternoon of mind-wandering and free association hasn't worked out exactly as planned. i've been procrastinating, big time, and trying not to feel guilty about it without succeeding too well. for instance, while doing laundry, i call out through the house, "i have not gotten started on my book yet!" to which kirk calls back, "but you finished your business plan!" oh yeah. i guess i did. and that is worth celebrating and taking some rest in response.