guest blogger on storychange and how it went

um, i hardly know what to say to the following words written by my hub, kirkum. he honors me and humbles me. i'm so thankful for his love, his friendship, and his partnership in this life. i love you, sweets.

The Obvious Leader of Storychange

I have to remove my "husband" hat and speak from an objective business voice in this. I would like to think I will succeed in doing so by offering the following:

I had the privilege of attending Christianne's business plan thesis final presentation today. This is the culmination of an entire year's worth of graduate studies. Thus, she was understandably a little nervous. The presentation is designed to simulate a group of investors looking at her business model in consideration of funding it. Since the faculty who comprise the simulated board of investors are actual business professionals, there is a considerable standard to meet. The pressure is on to perform well on many levels.

I personally saw Christianne wrestle through many restless days and sleepless nights in preparing for this. Not only did she care about making a strong statement with her presentation to finish off her year (this is the last time she has to present in front of faculty before her graduation on August 8th), but she wanted to honor the business concept God has given her.

She did not disappoint.

I went to the presentation to show my support of her and her education. I was expecting to see a star graduate student (who sells herself short most frequently) deliver a pristine and compelling final project. Instead, I witnessed something I hadn't expected.

About 60 seconds into her presentation I saw Christianne transform from a graduate student into a presiding professional figure: the leader of Storychange. She embodied the message with an elegance, passion, and delivery that made it vibrantly clear that this task has been appointed to her. She spoke with clarity, gracious boldness, and an authority that could have easily been delivered in a keynote address to thousands of women.

Women need Storychange. It became apparent that some of the faculty present saw the remarkable potential of this idea. Two actually said that this is an idea that Oprah would be excited about.

There were some questions from the faculty that challenged the concept - as there should be. That is their job . . . to poke holes in a business plan. However, the faculty also offered many suggestions which only reflects their excitement.

I am sure Christianne will receive strong marks for her performance.

However, that is insignificant compared to what I witnessed today: a move of God to reach the hearts of women across this landscape and beyond . . . and a servant-leader that has been anointed and chosen for this task.

Please pray for wisdom and discernment as to when Christianne is to pursue Storychange. It might be in a year, or five years . . . whenever the "kairos" timing is right.

I am exceptionally proud of her and the weight of who she is. Regardless of the future of Storychange, God obviously showed up today through Christianne's preparation and obedience to develop this idea.

Kirk (husband, fan, and business partner)