Noticing God in Everyday Life

The past couple weeks have been full of many surprising adventures!

Front and center is the unexpected trip I took to the Pacific Northwest for my new job. I had so much fun and made unforgettable memories too numerous to count with my new co-workers. So many aspects of that trip created a solid foundation for our team to bond while sharing compelling, incarnational work experiences together. 

While there, I even had a chance to share a great conversation over dessert with the lovely Kirsten Michelle and her loving hubby, James. That was such a treat and a gift. Thank you, my friend, for taking that time with me!

Then there are all the fun surprises and adventures I’ve been encountering back home in our local office! Our company is doing such a superb job preparing us well for the work we’ll be doing together. We’re having a blast as we go along.

Kirk gets quite a kick out of my exuberant downloads at the end of each day. But usually after that high-energy download and a bit of dinner, I crash. This is my naturally introverted self learning how to hit the recharge button. :)

It will be interesting, as I resume classes with Spring Arbor next week, to see how my course-load responsibilities come alongside and support my work life. It seems serendipitous that I’m beginning with a course called “Spirituality in Everyday Life,” geared toward noticing how God shows up in the nooks and crannies of daily life. This ties in well with my recent prayer that God would help me learn how to notice him in the midst of busyness.

As I’m adjusting to these new aspects of life for the next few weeks, I expect to be keeping a lighter presence in this space. It feels important to give myself room to take in these new experiences, focus on learning to do my work well, and keep myself as rested, refreshed, and nourished as possible.

(However, I will mention as an aside that I’ve rejoined Facebook after my 7-month hiatus. If you’d like to be connected in a more informal, ongoing basis that way, send me a friend request — and be sure to mention you’re a reader of this blog if we’ve never personally connected before.)

And in this moment, I’d love to hear from you: What opportunities are you being invited to notice, receive, and relish right now?