What Brings You Joy and Life?

Tree romance.

We’ve been spending time in some difficult places lately, haven’t we — getting to know the cavernous workings of our hearts, discussing wounds, and talking about the darkened hallways we sometimes find for safety and protection.

Today, I want to talk about life.


Places of beauty and enjoyment in our lives. 

Do you have any places like that? 

When you examine your life, where are the places you lose track of time, fully enjoy and savor the moment, or find yourself in touch with what matters most to you? 

For me, it happens in these moments: 

  • When I write
  • When I see sunlight bouncing on water
  • When I share a meaningful conversation with Kirk
  • When I stare at Diva
  • When someone makes me laugh
  • When taking photos on my iPhone
  • When planning ideas for the Look at Jesus course
  • When thinking about nonviolence and how the heart learns to love
  • When perusing my Instagram feed at the end of each day

What about you? What moments and activities make you feel most alive and grateful and in tune with life and the present moment?