A (Near) Month of Thanks: Morning

Morning, with a curly tail.

I am most certainly not a morning person, but there are aspects of the morning hours that I love. 

When it comes to each day’s morning, I am thankful for:

  • Our faithful routine of making coffee for each other
  • The quiet sounds of the neighborhood waking up (when I’m awake early enough to notice)
  • Time at my desk to read, pray, think, and write
  • Diva’s company, whether she’s prowling at my feet for affection, jumping onto the desk to sit sentry, or maneuvering onto my lap for warmth and cuddles
  • A home I enjoy waking up in
  • The light streaming through our stained-glass windows in the bedroom
  • Kirk’s routine of getting ready and how he always kisses me goodbye
  • The warmth of blankets
  • A peaceful, beautiful view outside my window
  • The chance to reconnect with the world through Facebook, Twitter, and email

What about the morning hours makes you thankful?