A (Near) Month of Thanks: Evening

Cozy view.

Yesterday we reflected on the morning hours. Today, let’s reflect on the evening. 

When it comes to the evening hours, I am thankful for: 

  • A home that feels safe
  • The routine of turning on the lamps in our main rooms, since it’s growing dark outside
  • The ritual of preparing dinner with all of its colors and smells — chopping cilantro, slicing red bell peppers, browning onion, pressing garlic
  • How the ritual of preparing dinner connects me to my love for Kirk and a sense of contribution in our home
  • The way Diva and Solomon show up, expectantly, when we walk in the front door
  • The way we go hunting for them when they aren’t waiting for us at the front door, and then we find them lounging on the couch or snuggled together on the bed
  • The hug Kirk and I give each other once we’re both home from work
  • Conversations on the couch or over dinner about the events of our days
  • A chance to decompress from the day with a bit of “introvert time,” which we both need and freely give each other
  • The times when the kitties pile on the bed with us at the very end of the day and we play and make each other laugh
  • The calming effect that scrolling through my Instagram feed has on me before going to sleep
  • The routine of listening to the Pray as You Go podcast with Kirk at the end of each day

What about the evening hours makes you thankful?