He Wants to Be Chosen by You

Ascend to mystery.

In the Look at Jesus course currently underway, we’ve been noticing Jesus as someone who continually puts himself out in front, vulnerable to acceptance and rejection. 

There’s a strength in Jesus — he knows who he is, he knows what he is here to do, he knows who his Father is. But even in that strength and confidence, he is choosing to make himself vulnerable. He offers himself again and again to a small group of friends who don’t fully grasp who he is. He offers himself again and again to crowds of people who ask him to touch them, heal them, restore their lives, and teach them about God — but then often leave him as quickly as they came to him.

He sees the need of people and, moved with compassion, keeps moving toward them. 

But it implies risk.

His friends misunderstand his intent. They want to get bigger, not become servants. They don’t want life with Jesus to include crosses and death. They don’t want to believe they will reject, deny, and leave him all alone. 

He keeps moving toward them anyway. 

Always with Jesus, there is his vulnerability to be received by you. He wants you to draw near. He wants you to know him — really know him — just as he knows and wants to keep knowing you. 

Do you want to draw near to Jesus?