Announcement: Introducing the Cup of Sunday Quiet

Hello, beautiful friends. 

I’ve been working behind the scenes to prepare something lovely for you, and today is finally the day to share it. 

It’s called the Cup of Sunday Quiet.

You know how every morning, I spend time at my desk in the quiet?

I bring my tumbler full of coffee over to this favorite corner of my home, and I spend time each morning sitting here. Diva always joins me, prowling around at my feet and eventually jumping up onto the desk, sitting quietly for what can lead to long stretches of time without moving. (How in the world does she do that?)

And during that time, I read the Scriptures. I stare out the window at my neighborhood coming to life. I think. I read. I write.

And I pray. 

This is sacred time for me. Out of that time comes the week-daily posts I write here in this space for you. It is time saturated with conversations with Jesus about my heart, my life, my life’s work and calling, my questions and wonderings and praise. It is time Jesus talks to me about himself, about me, about the world he set me into, about you.

It is such sacred time.

And do you know what? 

I want to create space for you to have such sacred time, too. 

I know not everyone has the luxury of spending extended time in the quiet each day. I know that life can get so harried and busy that even coming here for the “oasis from the noise” that’s offered Monday through Friday is just not on the radar for all. 

But what if, once a week, you received a gentle invitation into that quiet? 

What if, once a week, you had a chance to sit down and share that cup of morning quiet with me? 

That’s what the Cup of Sunday Quiet is for.

Consider it a once-a-week invitation from me into reflective space — a space to connect with your heart and with God (and a little bit with me). 

The Cup of Sunday Quiet is delivered to your inbox every Sunday. It includes:

  • A bit of personal musings from me, inspired by the time in the quiet I’ve shared with God that week. Between you and me, I like to think of this part as though we’re sharing a quiet conversation over a cup of coffee — I share a bit of my heart and maybe hear back a bit of your own.
  • A round-up of the previous week’s posts from Still Forming — since, again, I know getting here each day is just not realistic for everyone. This weekly e-mail brings those posts to you in a round-up format.
  • A little something special I’m calling the “weekly lectio.” When you subscribe, you’ll get a chance to hear more about that and how it came to be, but the sneak-peek version is that it’s an audio recording from me each week that connects you to God and the Scriptures.

So, what do you think? 

Do you want to join me? I hope you will.

Sign up here: 

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