Finding God in the Daily :: An Introduction

I married a geek like me.

Hi there, friends.

It feels so good to be turning a corner and committing this space to ongoing series on topics we collectively care about.

It feels like a chance to enter places we’ve always seen and meant to visit but just couldn’t find the time. Even better than that, it feels like being given a personal invitation to visit those places, having our schedules cleared so we’re able to finally say yes, and being led by a tour guide to all the best highlights inside those places, with them telling us about each highlight and then giving us a chance to reflect and respond.

That’s my heart for the ongoing series in this space. 

First up, we’re going straight for the practical by exploring “finding God in the daily.”

Some of the questions raised inside this topic are:

  • How do we actually do this?
  • How do we cultivate a healthy spiritual life when schedules and silence are scarce? 
  • Where is God in the laundry and the dishes, in relationships and work, in stress and overwhelm?

Do you struggle to find God in daily life? What questions would you add to this list?