Finding God in the Daily :: The All-Pervasive God


Just an ordinary moment.

To begin an exploration of finding God in the daily, I keep bumping up against the truth of an all-pervasive God. 

I keep thinking of the great, grand scope of God: the one creating cosmos and holding them together, but also, at one and the same time, having his eye on the sparrow and an always-current count of the hairs upon our heads.

God is in the grand moments, to be sure. He’s at monasteries with the praying, watchful monks. He’s in the grandeur of mountains and vistas and oceans. He’s in the unmistakable call to remarkable work that defines or uproots history.

But finding God in the daily?

It asks us: Do we believe he is in the lone, pink flower no one ever sees? Do we believe he can be found in a baby’s laugh and cry? Do we think he’s found in the pages of our planners? 

Do we really believe God pervades every minute moment in life? Is he truly an all-pervasive God?

When we set out to find God in the daily, we’re confronted with these questions.

It reminds me of something I learned early in my training as a spiritual director — that nothing brought to spiritual direction is ever too mundane, for God can be found in all of it.

An argument with a friend? A set of lost keys that led to a missed appointment? An advertisement on TV that keeps lingering for reasons we don’t know? The dailiness of life introduces a never-ending string of invitations to notice God noticing us.

Do you believe this?