Happy Freedom Tour Launch Day!

As I shared with you in my last post, the Storyville Live Freedom Tour launches today. It's a day to celebrate!

As of today, we will be sharing the story of modern-day slavery with people who might otherwise not hear of it.

And we'll be inviting them to turn their daily coffee habit into a ritual of freedom, dignity, and hope.


And so to celebrate the launch, I'm offering you a song.

It's appropriate to celebrate with a song because the Freedom Tour helps bring freedom through the profound, beautiful medium of music.

But it's also appropriate to share this particular song because we at JTN believe that love is more powerful than violence.

And that's what this song speaks about.

It speaks about the presence of love in the darkest of places.


The song is written and performed by Grace Pettis, one of my favorite new artists who also happens to be touring with us this year.

My jaw about dropped to the ground the first time I saw Grace perform.

Don't let her small, youthful frame fool you . . . her lyrics betray the soul of someone deeply wise and attentive to life.



[Many thanks to Ami Lawson of Earth Angel Outreach for capturing this video at a private Storyville Live performance with Grace Pettis in May 2010.]


Happy Freedom Tour Launch Day! Feel free to share in the comments:

What are you celebrating today?