Repentance Thursday: June 2010

[youtube=] [A song for reflection on this Repentance Thursday, sung by me.]


Hello, friends.

We began a tradition last month called Repentance Thursday.

It happens here on the first Thursday of every month, which means it is today.

To learn what Repentance Thursday is about and why it is important for us in the journey toward nonviolence, you can read the inaugural post here.

But in a nutshell, it is an opportunity to remember our humanity.

It is a place to remember our level footing with the rest of our brothers and sisters on this earth.

It is a chance to remember, confess, and repent of our own contribution to this world's groans and pains.


Today, you are invited to reflect on the following questions as you consider this past month in retrospect:

  • Into what dark mires did my heart traverse?
  • In what ways did I bring harm to my fellow man, either in thought, word, or deed?
  • How did I sin against God?

After reflecting on these things, you are free to leave a comment of confession.


Please remember:

  • You are welcome to leave your confession anonymously.
  • You are welcome to make up an e-mail address (since the comment section requires you to leave one).
  • You are welcome to be as general or specific as you want.
  • You are welcome to write your confession as prayer.
  • Any judging or disparaging comments of another's confession will be removed.

Thank you for joining us in this space of honesty and courageous conversation.