Just Duds about Dublin

Even though we met there and were glad to return to it, Dublin didn’t impress us as much this time around. Maybe it had something to do with the rain. Or getting lost while trying to find our hotel. Or travel weariness. Or maybe just that we’d seen most of it before. In any case, all we did for most of our time in Dublin was stay in our bathrobes, order room service, and challenge each other to more and more competitive card games. (I know, we’re kind of nerds.)

Probably the most exciting part about Dublin, like I already mentioned, was the back-and-forthing we did about 4 times right in front of our hotel when trying to find it, taking about an hour of time zipping around and around the same city block square because the hotel was so poorly marked. Even though we’d been there before and the area looked so familiar, we just couldn’t put our finger on where it was. That is, not until we found it by accident while making an illegal U-turn, happening to look up and discover the small square sign next to the terribly common door that read “Merrion Hotel.” Grr!

Besides that harrowing hour of frustration, the only other sighting worthy of remark this time around is what we discovered on the way there: a sheep horse, herding a group of sheep up a hill!

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