First Day News

So, the big news today is that my boss -- the one I was so stoked about working under -- is retiring in two weeks. He let the team know last week, and Debbie let me know it was her job to let me know when we were on our way to lunch.


I really like my boss. Bert's a cool guy. He's about 5 feet tall, has a quirky personality, likes to rib people, but also gives them props when they deserve it. He's been in publishing for 32 years and has published 17 books of his own. He's huge in the Catholic church, too. I was looking forward to the conversations we might have shared, given the interest in the Episcopal (ie., more liturgical and sacramental) tradition Kirk and I have begun to have.

Oh, well.

Other than that, I'm going to love my job. The people are super nice and very talented, and everyone seems to really enjoy working for the company. I can already tell that the work they're going to put me on will challenge and invigorate me.