My First Tropical Storm

Ernesto's headed this way, and my family is freaking out. Are you alive? Are you going to be okay? Please let us know how things are going. Is it going to go right through your town?

The thing is, I don't feel scared at all. Should I? I don't know. Kirk says maybe this is God's way of introducing me gracefully into the Land of Hurricanes and Great Big Storms. (It's true, we have the absolute best thunder-and-lightning storms I've ever seen in this place.) In any case, from my perspective it's just another chance to hear big bangs and see bolts of bright stuff in the sky, plus the sound of hard pounding on our roof.

Besides, it's only a tropical storm at this point, which isn't even on the hurricane radar scale. If it does move up to a category 0 or 1, I'll start to reconsider my laissez-faire opinion of the situation.

I guess the most interesting flurry that happened today had to do with all public schools being cancelled for tomorrow. We thought maybe that would mean we'd get to cancel work, too, but they quickly sent out a message saying "business as usual" for tomorrow. That's cool with me, since I'm having a blast at my job. That is, so long as I don't get swept off the road by a flood while I'm driving there or back again.

Lucky for my happy husband, his school classes are cancelled tomorrow, too. That means he doesn't have to study tonight and I can keep him all to myself. We're going to have ice cream and watch the third Harry Potter! In our penchant for all things Oxford, we rented all four DVDs this weekend and have been moving slowly through them.

Oh, and he just volunteered to take me to work tomorrow if I get nervous about driving. Sweet and thoughtful, isn't he?

Well, until next time: I love you guys, and please try not to worry.