Out of Commission

I don't know if I ever updated this blog with the news that I got the bid for the freelance project I interviewed for about a month ago. (It was one of the three interviews I got back before Strang offered me the job, but this one was for a job that's on a contract basis.)

This project has been a blast. Basically, I've been proofing a book called The Bloodlines of Jesus that's about to go to print by this guy named Gene Roberts. Like I shared in my original post about it, Gene is a businessman by trade but a lay theologian by calling. God asked him to write books, publish them, and give the money away. So that's what he's been doing for the last 5 years while running his business.

Gene is a great guy, and it really shows in his writing. He can make the most difficult subjects so easy to understand! For instance, I've been reading the Bible for years but have never known how everything in Israel's history fits together, from the fall to Noah to the calling of Abraham to the splitting of the 12 tribes to the appointment of judges and kings and up to the exile and the weeping prophets, until finally the coming of Jesus. Gene put it all together for me, and in such a fresh way, so that now I feel like I know all those names and places and orders of events and why they matter. It's like I took a crash course in Old Testament history and am now completely refreshed by it.

I titled my post "Out of Commission" because I've been working on that project like crazy this past weekend and am now ready to crash in bed. I took a sick day off at work at Strang today, even, because I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night. For some reason I thought I'd still be able to get up and go today, but my body had other plans.

Now that I mailed off the project, I'm ready to go home and get reacquainted with my soft and fluffy and very cozy bed!