What Do My Days Look Like?

Lots of people have been asking me this question, so here's a scan down a regular day in a regular week in my life.

730 AM: Alarm goes off. Grr.

830 AM: Leave for work. Listen to good tunes on the way or spend time in prayer or talk to Kirk on the phone if he's on his way to school, too.

900 AM: Arrive at work. Check e-mail. Get up to speed on the Publishers Weekly and Faith in Fiction websites.

(Notice that by this time it is still only 6 AM in California and most of you are still in bed. You people need to get up and get going already!)

930 AM: Sometimes a meeting with Debbie about our current big work project, for which she is the book editor and I am the workbook and leader's guide editor. Sometimes a joint meeting with our author's liaison to tinker with the deadlines for our projects. Or sometimes a production meeting with our whole department to make sure we're on track with the huge production schedule we have going for all our million projects in the company's four imprint groups.

1030 AM: Back to my desk. Working, working, working. Right now, that means rewriting the workbook, getting changes approved, updating the document with my changes, applying our style guides and style sheets to the documents to "clean them up," and then applying the changes to the corresponding chapter in the leader's guide. This also means making sure I answer all the questions from the workbook in the leader's guide version.

100 PM: Lunchtime! Usually I eat a PBJ sandwich and peach while reading a book or playing Sudoku in our author's conference room. Or I eat my desk while I check email and get caught up on people's blogs. Or I go for a "liquid lunch" with girls from the department, which means that we get sodas while wandering around Target or The Body Shop or some other such retail establishment.

200 PM: Back to work. At this point, Debbie and I usually have a conversation about the latest hilarities (read: hiccups) in our projects. I let her know how I'm progressing on the workbook and leader's guide, and usually I take this opportunity to ask questions about our policies and procedures so I can become a greater master of my job and this industry. She's the perfect person to be learning under. For instance, just last week I heard her talking with a new and prospective author on the phone, and I was able to learn how to feel out a writer's book plans and ask questions that will help determine the "sale-ability" of those ideas for our company.

400 PM: Usually, being a bit burnt out on the workbook and leader's guide project for the day, I'll work on some periphery projects. This usually involves research for new book ideas and new authors on the internet or scouring the interior of books by our existing authors for "derivative" ideas, which means finding ways to make new products out of existing books -- kind of like the way that book Boundaries has been adapted for marriage, teens, dating, etc. Sometimes I'll deal with queries we've received from readers, which also sometimes requires internet research or finding the information they need from the book they're asking about.

530 PM: Start to close things up for the day. Organize my desk. Read the latest issue of Christian Retailing to keep in the loop on current happenings in our side of the publishing industry.

600 PM: Set my phone to "Do Not Disturb: Gone Home for the Day" and walk out the door. Give Kirk a call to see what's happening for dinner and makes plans for our evening.

630 PM: Sit on the couch with Kirk to share about our days and pet our kitties, who are prowling around our feet and jumping on our laps because they're glad we're finally home.

700 PM: Dinnertime. Usually we steam chicken and vegetables or steam edamame or make sandwiches. Sometimes we order pizza. Other times we decide to go out for Thai food or sushi or something yummy like that.

800 PM: Settle in for the night. Usually catch up on the news with Kirk while reading on the couch. Sometimes we'll watch a movie. Sometimes we'll read together. Sometimes we'll take a walk. Other times we'll just talk about stuff on the couch, like how things are going financially or with our goals for our careers or education or ministry. Or we'll talk about what we've been thinking about and learning from work and school and books and church. Every couple of days or so I'll have a good conversation on the phone with Kate or Hannah or my mom.


I hope that satisfies those of you who are wondering what the heck Kirk and I do all day long while we're way out here in Florida on the other side of the whole dang country. Pretty much the same stuff we did before we were together, only now we do it together. It's pure bliss, and I love it. I never knew life could be this easy and fun and . . . well, happy.