What Cats Do (Part 3)

(Continued from Part 1 and Part 2.)

They get frisky when you sing.

Especially if you have a mid-range alto voice like mine and like to sing a capella in the mornings.

Here's what happens.

When I get up early enough in the morning to read the Bible (this doesn't occur often), I like to read the psalms. And as I'm reading, I inevitably come across -- or am reminded of -- a number of psalms that were made into old-school songs.

So I start to sing, at will and at random, sitting on my couch in my cotton striped pajamas, the Word of God propped open on my lap.

Next thing I know, Diva has hopped out of her blanket box over by the front door and is warily making her way across the room toward me. Then she's mewing at my feet. Next she's rubbing against my legs. Now she's staring up at me with those beautiful and plaintive sky-blue eyes.

I keep singing, only now my hand is stroking her back as I do it.

Within a few moments, Solomon, too, has lumbered off the foot of the bed and ambles over to where we sit. (He moves very slowly, because he is so large.)

He begins licking Diva around her ears. She, amazingly, lets him. He licks her chin. She licks his ears and nose. They're getting pretty cute and frisky with one another.

However, neither of them have the freedom to do anything about their urges, Mother Nature (a.k.a. The Doctor) having taken away their right when they were kittens, so all this exploration is for naught. They, however, never seem to remember this.

At some point, Solomon gets so excited that he throws his big right paw around Diva's neck in order to kiss her closer. However, Diva decides she has had enough. She swats him on the top of his flat black head.

Then begins the stand-off.

They stare at each other, her blue eyes locking with his copper ones in defiance. She's daring him to do anything about it, and he's not sure if he's gonna. After a few seconds' pause, she hauls off and swats him again, the pink pads of her dainty and snow-white paws smacking hard against his head with precision. He reels back and stares at her, incredulous.

"This 7-pound ringer's testing me?" I can hear him thinking, but slowly. "I weigh 3 times her size and could crush her -- or, even better, force her into submission!" This realization is all it takes for him to make an offensive move.

He lunges. She scrams. He warbles. She shrieks.

And my morning of meditative worship has come to an end.

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