Health How-To

Kirk's been sick for going-on-3-months now. I've caught the head cold he had last weekend. And here we sit, just the two of us and our two cats in our small little Winter Park studio. What are we going to do about our health?

Well, for one, we're going to keep taking our vitamins. Vitamin C and a daily dose of garlic pills are necessary components to healthful existence. (I promise the garlic doesn't make you smell, but you do taste it as it makes its way down your pipe!)

For two, we're going to be drinking lots of water. And I mean lots. Do you know the formula for how many ounces of water your body needs each day? Cut your weight in half, and there you have it. That means I have to drink four water bottles full a day, which I've begun to drink each day over the past week. I already feel a difference! In fact, I've been moving up to five and six bottles now that I'm on a roll and my body's begun to crave it!

Three, we're cutting out the sugars. This means Hot Tamales, Baskin Robbins, Panera bagels, and all soda drinks are out of the running for my daily flavor dose. But you know what I've noticed? Once you stop consuming so much sugar and start loading up on water, your body no longer wants that yucky refined sugarland of crud.

Following it up with four, which is that we're adding in all the good stuff. And I mean the really good stuff, like fruits and vegetables and almonds and soybeans and spinach salads and tuna sandwiches. Again, once you're off the sugar highs and on to these more sane choices, your body begins to crave them and love them.

And finally, we're gonna walk more. Winter Park is a lovely town. It's small and charming and historic and tropic. Just this week we parked our car down by the Scenic Boat Tour landing and walked all the way back to our neighborhood, back down historic Park Avenue, and then back over to our car -- 50 minutes of walking in all, filled with conversation, notice of cute homes and and cute dogs and the beautiful night sky above us, and the essential exercise and water routine we needed. It felt great!

So even though we've both been sick lately, I think we are on the mend. I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin and clothes just from the last two week's worth of health attention, to tell you the truth. And we've made the maintenance of good health a priority component of our married life this year.