The Morning After

Kirk and I made it to bed just past eleven last night, having finished the entire move in one whole day. After showers and a clean load of laundry done, we dropped into bed with just enough energy to muster a small prayer of thanks. We slept soundly and gratefully.

Kirk helped me realize that last night was the first night in over three years that I've slept in my own bed in an actual bedroom. Can you believe it? These past three years, I've lived in a one-room guesthouse with a tiny twin bed in a sleeping area that shared space with the living area, an even smaller guesthouse cottage that didn't even boast a bed (I slept on the couch and floor for a year!), and a converted garage studio where the bedroom, living room, and eating area shared space. Compared to those living quarters, this two-bedroom cottage is luxurious! And I love every bit of it.

On this morning after, we are definitely feeling it now: sore, sore, sore. Our backs hurt, our hamstrings hurt, and we both have a case of the sniffles. But we're so happy to be moved in, and this morning finds us taking our slow and quiet time of enjoyment. Take a look. Better yet, come on in.

Quiet morning for the kitchen. (Those plants were here when we moved in. I'd say they need some tender care!)

Quiet morning for the bookshelves. (And yes, they are built-in!)

Quiet morning in the farmroom. (We're calling the little footstool under the window Diva's Throne. We'll see if she eventually makes use of it.)

Quiet morning in the library for me, writing these snippets of stories for you. (Is that a rogue Starbucks cup I see??)

Quiet morning for Solomon and Daddy. (Yes, that is Solomon back asleep. If you can't tell, naps are his second favorite hobby, after eating. While he was awake in the farmroom just a short time ago, now you can see he's reclaimed his turf on the bed for a mid-morning snooze. Silly boy! So predictable!)