The View from Our House

I thought I'd share a few pics of the exterior of our home, since some of you (ahem, I mean Erin) asked to see more. Enjoy!

View from our front door. Can you see the lake peeking between the tree and the left of the house across the street? That's Lake Sylvan, a small lake that's perfect for canoeing.

Here's the view along the front of our house to the right of the front door. I love the casement windows and the little window boxes! Chris, the wife who owns the house, said she wants to plant more flowers in those boxes -- and that's fine by us!

View along the front walk out to the tiny driveway that fits one car.

Here's a closer view of the hibiscus blooming beautiful pink flowers on the far side of the driveway.

Another view of the front of our house, this time from the left of the front door. We're going to do something about those drapes . . . something a little more "us." Right now, we're thinking long red linen panels.

And this little trellis to the left of the house . . .

. . . leads to the side of the house where you can find these pretty lilies. At least, I think they're lilies. If so, I must say: how appropriate! The little brick walkway here leads further back to a sitting area with a fountain that we share with the neighbors, Sam and Chris, who own both houses. If you look closely, just past the kitchen windowbox, you can see an awning. It covers an outside door that leads into our bedroom.

And finally, this burgeoning gardenia tree (is it properly called a tree?) blossoms up against Sam and Chris's house, right across from the lilies. These gardenia blooms waft their scent perpetually and make the outside of the house smell soooo good!