Silly Stuff

It gives me so much joy to share that this week has been filled with much lightheartedness. It began toward the end of last week, when the difficult season I've been walking through got a little bit easier, saw a little bit of light, which has felt so, so good. That was perfect timing, just before my birthday, which, as you know, was also a great gift. And since then, my heart has just been lighter. Less frightened. More space-filled. More light.

Which means that rather than anything profound, tonight I just feel like sharing fun stuff. Up for it? :)

First, I couldn't be more pleased that I am composing this post on my MacBook Pro in my little library nook . . . at home. This may seem like no big deal on the surface, but believe me, it's a big deal. It means that Kirk and I finally got hooked up with wireless internet access in our home.

We did this for our Macs. We also did this for our sanity. Up til now, we've been operating our internet access through a mobile broadband card that fits only into our ancient PC laptop. It was actually Kirk's birthday present to me last year, before our Macs were in the picture, when we'd been operating without internet access at home for about six months. However, since then, we've gotten new computers for school that can't use the broadband card. Plus, the card that only works in one computer also means that only one of us can be online at a time when we're at home. Which has become quite inconvenient for the reality of our daily lives.

Mostly, we've just been too cost-conscious to invest in an additional monthly bill for wireless access after we already pay $60 per month for the broadband card, for which we had signed a two-year contract. When I decided to call and see if there was any way to waive the cancellation fee on the card (thinking that would allow us to then channel the $60 payment into wireless access instead), the customer service rep said there was no way to waive that fee. But then she proceeded to tell me that she could reduce my monthly bill (which includes my cell phone) to basically what I pay for the cell phone by itself . . . meaning the broadband card payment would disappear. Which basically meant we could now afford wireless internet in the home for our Macs while still having the broadband card for use on the PC, all of it costing the same exact amount we've already been paying. Crazy, huh? Crazy cool, that is.

So the guy came today to set it up, and now Kirk and I are flying high and fast across these wireless internet highways. And the great news is, we can work across from each other at the table while both getting done what we need to do. No more of this, "Um, honey, can I get on there when you're finished?" stuff. We're stoked!

As I type this, I'm crunching on homemade popcorn, sprinkled with salt and drizzled with melted butter. Yum. I'm also drinking Pepsi. And I'm in the middle of watching Pieces of April (which I reviewed here, if you're curious). Sigh. I love this movie. And I still adore Katie Holmes. (I know, I know, most people don't. But I am not one of those people.)

Those of you who remember my fiasco in the kitchen that was an attempt to make soft-boiled eggs for breakfast will be happy to learn that I have finally mastered this skill. Just this week, I tried it out and succeeded. Score! (This was due in large part to my mom's detailed instructions in the comments section of that original post. Thanks, Mom!) Doesn't this bowl of eggs look yummy and much better than the last attempt?

And speaking of cooking, many of you are aware that I Do Not Cook. However, last night (probably surfing on the confidence wave of my soft-boiled egg success!), I tried my hand at a bona fide meal. I served up literal meat-and-potatoes: top sirloin steak cooked medium to medium well, boiled fingerling potatoes with butter and salt and pepper sprinkled on top, and juicy corn on the cob. Oh yes, and lemonade. Doesn't this meal look well-rounded and splendid? I'm moving on up in this kitchen scene!

I guess that's about all for tonight. Gotta get back to my movie now! :)