Medium-Boiled Eggs, Properly Done

By request, for Rebecca, I'm posting here my mom's surefire recipe to perfect medium-boiled eggs. Yum, yum, and enjoy!

* Place eggs in pan with enough cold water to just cover the eggs. Place pan on stove, covered, and bring to boil.

* Once water begins boiling, reduce heat to medium and time for 3 1/2 minutes more.

* At conclusion of 3 1/2 minutes, scoop each egg out of the pan with a spoon and run under cold water for several seconds.

* Tap with a knife to crack shell and then peel. (Watch your fingers on this part! Ouch, it can sometimes burn if you haven't cooled the eggs under cold water long enough.)

* Once the eggs are peeled and placed in bowl, mash up with a fork.

* Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. You may also enjoy melting a pat of butter on the eggs for extra flavor.

* Then eat and enjoy!