Eye Candy Treats for You

Hello there, friends!

It's a late night for me, as I've been working hard to finish a freelance project and get it off to the super-awesome publisher before bed. And now that the work is done, I have time for a quick play session with you before heading off to dream sweet dreams.

I've decided to keep this one simple and simply share some lovely eye candy treats with you. In fact, I may make this an occasional "eye candy" series and share random images with you from our daily life and shared experiences from time to time. Nothing fancy . . . just some photos that capture moments we've shared and recall to mind fond memories in our life together so far.

That being said, this particular handful of photos were all taken by Kirk, and all of them were captured in chance moments we shared during our first few months as a couple.


 Glance of elbow and clothes, taken on the Winter Park Boat Tour. 

June 2005

 Such friendly sunflowers! 

Taken in Kirk's kitchen during our first visit. 

June 2005

Beautiful sunrise in Cambridge, England.

August 2005

Quiet morning streets of Cambridge, England.

August 2005

Really cool tree found on Addison's Walk in Oxford, England.

August 2005