The Beautiful Sounds & Soul of Amy Seeley


I want to introduce you to Amy Seeley.

I first learned of Amy through a woman I deeply adore, affectionately known in blogland as Boho Girl. Several times over the last couple years, Boho Girl (aka Denise) has blogged about Amy, her music, and their friendship. I believe at one point Denise even shared the video above on her blog.

One day, after reading one of these posts Denise had written, I finally decided it was time to jump in and experience Amy's music for myself. I went to iTunes and began sampling several of the albums. But as can happen sometimes when discovering a talented artist with several albums already published, I just couldn't decide which album should be my first official introduction to the music of Amy Seeley.

So I decided to wait.

Sometime later, I came across a photographer by the name of David Jay. He, too, was blogging about this remarkable pianist, lyricist, and vocalist named Amy Seeley, and he shared about a day they had spent together on the Westmont College campus in Santa Barbara. He was just beginning to pair some of her beautiful music with his beautiful wedding photography, and I found the music and images such an appropriate complement to one another.

I fell in love with Amy Seeley again that day. But still I waited.

Even though it took me long to climb into the songs and sounds of Amy Seeley, I'm so glad I waited as long as I did. Do you know why? Because when the time finally emerged for me to "meet" Amy Seeley in her music, the course of events also brought with it a chance to meet Amy in real life -- in Portland, in fact, which happens to be where she lives.

I could hardly believe the way our paths began to collide as Kirk and I prepared to head to Portland and I connected to Amy via e-mail about the full-collection purchase I wanted to make through her website. When we discovered our paths would overlap in Portland, she was kind enough to head downtown on Monday afternoon to meet me at Powell's Books at the end of our Monday session.

There she stood, on the corner outside the store, waiting for me with three CDs in her hand, all wrapped up in a silky brown bow. She was adorable. And sweet. And so very present in her giving of hugs and in asking about our experience of the conference. We didn't have many long moments to share on that day, but I was left with the impression of having met a very special, kind, and spiritual soul.

In preparation for our flight home the next day, I loaded all three of Amy's albums on my iPod for company on the plane. And oh, did I swoon! Amy's lyrics and voice are so tender and attentive. Her fingers on the piano embed music on the soul with rhythmic grace, strength, and vulnerability. I told her today that her music is a new companion for my soul.

I love discovering a new artist whose music becomes a companion for my soul, don't you? Amy's music is certainly that for me.

(And if you're interested in giving Amy's music a try and want suggestions on the best place to start, I would humbly recommend her Call It Life EP. I've been listening to that particular album on repeat for two days straight!)