Video Challenge Day 6: Heading Out of Town!

Hi there, everyone!

This sixth installment in the 10-day video challenge is just a quick update for you, as Kirk and I are prepping the house and our bags for a trip out of town!

First, though, thank you ever so much for your prayers for baby Ewan last night. Kirsten is continuing to keep the community updated through regular postings to the Team Ewan blog. I'd encourage you to head over there and read how God is answering the prayers of the saints as we hold up this little one before his face.

And second, we'll be in the Pacific Northwest for the next four days, and I'll post these daily updates from there so you can spy on what we're doing with our time each day. It's going to be a blast, I know!

PS: Here is info on the conference we're attending.

PPS: Here is Donald Miller's uber-thoughtful blog.

PPPS: I highly recommend the two books I mentioned in the video, Blue Like Jazz and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.