Video Challenge Day 7: Welcome to Portland!


Hi everyone!

I'm writing this post from Peet's Coffee and Tea Shop in downtown Portland, right up the block from our very cool and swanky hotel. (Seriously . . . how many hotels give you an option for seven different varieties of pillow to enjoy, along with an option of ten different holy books you can order to your room, depending on your personal faith tradition? I'm impressed.)

In this video, I share several of the reasons I love traveling with Kirk, and you get a peek into some of the special trips we've enjoyed together in our life so far. (I actually wrote a post after our honeymoon about the favorite place in Paris I mention in the video, which you can read here.)

By the way, I usually record these videos with the screen blacked out so that I can focus on talking directly to you, instead of being distracted by my own image as I talk to the screen. So I didn't realize, toward the end of the video, that Kirk exits the bathroom behind me and sits on the bed, just barely visible to you as I am completing the video.

He asked me to tell you he sends his regards. :-)